Let’s Make Something Great!

At Heave-Ho Productions, we always want to create something great. From concept to execution, our team can help you at any stage of production to do just that. Online promotional videos, animation, TV spots, music videos, stop motion animation, documentary production – we’ve made hundreds of creative videos that work hard.

We’ve directed live action videos for Netflix, Panasonic, Vonage, Johnson & Johnson, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Urbansitter, H-E-B, World Poker Tour, Fieldglass and dozens of other corporate clients. And it’s not just live action. We’ve also created world class animated videos for Pfizer, the YMCA, GQ and others. It’s more than our client list though. Whoever you are and whatever size your project, we’re interested in creating a great video that works hard for you.

Who We Work With


Small & Medium Size Businesses

We work with small & medium size businesses to create great concepts, tell awesome stories and flawlessly execute videos that achieve results.



We work with agencies to direct and produce content.


Online Publications

We bring stories to life for online publications.

What We Do Well



Whether its documentary content, an animation or a live action promotional video, we think every video should tell a compelling story.


Meticulous Execution

We think it’s the focus on details that separates a good video from a great video. We bring years of experience to projects to help bring out those small details.


Awesome Animation

Our in-house team can create anything from a fun character animation to awesome graphics integration.


Flexible Solutions

We know every project is different. We provide flexible solutions to help our clients stay on budget and on message.


Focused Direction

We bring a vision to every video and a focused plan to execute creative content.


Creative Collaboration

We like to collaborate with agencies, production companies & clients of all sorts.

Who We Are

Andrew Freer – Video Director & Owner

Andrew has been working in the video production industry for the past 8 years. He started Heave-Ho Productions in 2008 while creating a documentary and since then has started directing projects for clients of all sorts. He started his career working in almost every department on set from camera to lighting to art department to locations. And whether he’s editing or writing for a project or directing on set, he brings an experienced eye to every job.